About Us

Tinovation is Cupertino High School's student-run programming and computer science club.

What we do

As the school's biggest Computer Science club, we prepare students extensively for programming competitions (hackathons) - in fact, we run a few of these ourselves. Since many of us are seasoned 'hackers', we can provide support and counsel pertaining to the wide world of Computer Science: both in and out of school.

At our meetings, both programming enthusiasts and first-time coders can enrich their knowledge and understanding of programming and computer science by creating applications, algorithms, websites, and more all under the guidance of experienced mentors.

  • Weekly projects and labs to help further the understanding of programming concepts
  • Events such as hackathons that we host ourselves (see "Hackathons" below)
  • A fun learning environment where you will be surrounded by like-minded peers and knowledgeable tutors
  • A semester-long development cycle in which you will develop a full product with the whole club, then reveal it to the public

Who we are

Our officers are passionate programmers who hope to help other students at Cupertino High School develop a similar passion for technology. Through our lesson plans, hands-on projects, and club-wide products, they will be assisting members in learning the basics of 3 different areas of computer science: web development, mobile application development, and Python/Machine Learning. They're excited to kick off the year and start working with all of our members!

Our Officer Team:

Presidents: Nishant Ray & Kunal Gupta
Vice President: Neil Deo
iOS: Sejal Kanikaram (Lead) & Shyamak Singh (Mentor)
Android: Max Liu (Lead) & Manu Bhat (Mentor)
Web: Michael Chian (Lead) & Ryan Kim (Mentor)
Python: Shourik Banerjee (Lead) & Sumanth Sureshkumar (Mentor)
Public Relations: Manu Bhat

Our curriculum

At a glance

iOS / Android Development

In recent years, developing apps for the all-too-popular Apple App Store and Google Play Store has become a widespread phenomenon. Join us in creating apps for the iPhone and Android from basic projects like To-do Lists to more complex server-based applications

Web Development

Ever wanted to make your own website? Then Tinovation's the club for you! Over the course of the year, you'll learn how to create your own website from scratch, implement UI frameworks such as Bootstrap, work with databases using Google's Firebase, and much more!

Computer Vision & Machine Learning

Tinovation also offers resources, projects, challenges and tutors who are knowledgeable in these fields. Over the course of the year, we will be looking at basic Machine Learning concepts and algorithms!

Java / APCS Tutoring

Are you taking the Intro to Java or the Computer Science AP course at Tino? If not, want to get ahead before taking those courses? Tinovation will be providing FREE tutoring at all of their meetings to those who are in need of it. Our officers have already taken APCS and scored brilliantly! We'll see you there!

Our Projects

SafeGuard (2017)

Safeguard is a full platform that serves as a robust home security system. Raspberry Pi is rigged to automatically detect movement and take pictures when movement is detected. These pictures were then processed using a facial recognition method to scan for whether the face resembles any of the user's Facebook friends. If so, the data and name is sent to the user via Android or iOS app. If not, the picture is sent with a warning alert that the intruder was unrecognizable.

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Notely (2018)

Notely is a full, cross-platform project that aims to assist students in the classroom by providing an accurate, automated process for converting notes on the whiteboard to digital formats. By taking a picture of the notes on the whiteboard, all material is converted to pdf format and can be viewed by students in a mobile application or a web portal. Students can also customize their classrooms on the application so that they can maximize their notes, share with other students, and more.

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Hackathons / Events


Info Meeting Sept. 13

September 13, 2021 - Tinovation's first club meeting in Mr. Ferrante's classroom in Room 307.

Upcoming Events

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